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By Brian Jacques

During this 12th booklet of the masterful Redwall epic, storyteller Brian Jacques is going again in time to the times ahead of Redwall, revealing with dramatic poignancy the legend of the 1st of the marvelous Redwall warriors--Luke, father of Martin.

Joined by means of Trimp the Hedgehog, Dinny Foremole, and Gonff--the ever-mischievous Prince of Mousethieves--it is that legend Martin hopes to find while he embarks on a deadly trip to the northland shore, the place his father deserted him as a toddler. There, in the carcass of an exceptional pink ship--broken in part and wedged excessive up among pillars of stone--he ultimately uncovers what he has been trying to find: the real tale of the evil pirate stoat, Vilu Daskar, and the valiant warrior who pursued him relentlessly over the excessive seas, trying to smash Vilu in any respect bills, no matter if it intended deserting his in simple terms son.

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Don’t sound like nothin’ livin’ t’me! ’ This comment started out loads of nervous hypothesis. ‘Mayhap ’tis the spirits of deadbeasts? ’ ‘Aye, mate, could’ve been the long-dead workforce o’ this boat! ’ ‘They say unusual issues ’appen on ole lonely seashores! ’ ‘I’ve ’eard inform o’ that, too. guess they comes again on darkish nights, to go to the spot the place they perished! ’ ‘Ooh urr, us’n’s should’ve stayed aboard ee boat on ee sea! ’ ‘Hark, i will be able to ’ear ’em singin’ phrases! ’ convinced adequate, the phrases got here transparent and unique. underneath the boat fur stood on finish, paws trembled and creatures drew in the direction of the hearth. they can now not stay away from listening to the wailing dirge, which rose and mixed with the sighing winds. ‘Ooooo ooo ummmm! Ooooo ooo aaahhhh! From the deep chilly seas afar, Spirits of the lifeless come up, damn bones and sightless eyes, From the deep mysterious sea, Wand’ring lonely seashore and shore, We needs to stroll forever, Wand’ring, looking evermore, while the faded moon sends its mild, Or in darkish and starless evening, Roaming close to and traveling some distance, Ooooo ooo ummmm! Ooooo ooo aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! ’ Trimp’s face used to be blanched with worry. Chugger was once trembling like a leaf, and he or she hugged him just about her. The breath stuck in her throat as a spectrally hole knock sounded at the upturned boat hull – Whock! Whock! Whock! – by means of unearthly-sounding voices. ‘Leave the coast, barren region our shore, Or remain the following for evermore, move by way of land or move by means of sea, Heed those caution phrases and fleeeeeeeeeeeee! ’ Martin checked out the terror-stricken faces round him. Drawing his sword, he became to the single one, beside himself, who didn't seem to be suffering from the eerie chants. ‘Well, what d’you make of that little lot, Gonff? ’ The Mousethief drew his dagger. ‘Don’t see how a ghost can be sturdy adequate to knock its paws on a ship hull, mate. You remain right here in case it’s a few variety o’ capture – look after those ditherin’ daisies. I’ll pass an’ have a look in the market! ’ Gonff slid out into the evening. A second later he reappeared, very much speedier than he had left. Martin gripped his friend’s paw because the dagger slid from it. This was once unlike Gonff, who sat ashen-faced and trembling. The Warrior gazed into his haunted eyes. ‘What is it, mate? What did you spot available in the market? ’ Gonff swigged down a beaker of dandelion and mint tea. He regained his composure just a little, notwithstanding it was once your time sooner than he controlled to talk. ‘I inform ye, matey, I by no means are looking to see aught like that back. Tall they have been, very tall, with ’orrible faces an’ lengthy white our bodies that looked as if it would flutter’n’float! ’ one of many Guosim shrews recoiled in horror, his paw shaking as he mentioned underneath their protect front. ‘Eeaaargh! I see one! There ’tis! ’ A imprecise misty form used to be gliding approximately outdoor. Martin sheathed his sword and seized an extended paddle. ‘I’ve had adequate of this nonsense. Let’s see what those ghosts ought to say for themselves! ’ because the apparition drifted by means of back, Martin struck out with the paddle, giving it a superb challenging sweep. The ghost gave a yell of shock and collapsed right into a heap.

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